Team 3: Our 1st day!

Today was the first day we spent with the kids. It was amazing!! The kids were so happy to meet us. They welcomed us with open arms. We played games and sang songs. I think the kids enjoyed playing musical chairs to country music. I am so glad for the experience of meeting these kids; they have so much to give to the world. Some of the kids need some extra care because they did not experience care/love at home. I learned that one of the kids walked up to a police man and told him point-blank, that his mom … Continue reading

Team 3: A day of sightseeing

Our 3rd team has arrived! Today we spent the day learning some Russian and cultural norms. Then we were off to see one of the largest Cathedrals in the city: St Isaac’s! So beautiful and grand is the architecture and art. We climbed the 200 steps to the top and saw the views of the city. The afternoon was spent strolling along the Petergoff Fountains, at the Summer Palace outside the city. We took a boat both ways, making it the fastest way to get to the gardens. We barely stayed awake to plan for tomorrow and debrief the day. … Continue reading

Team-A: We are here!

Preevyet from Eastern Europe! We arrived in country at 11:00pm and we were amazed that it was still light outside. The place that we are staying is a dorm at a Christian college in the city. They rent the building out as a hostel throughout the summer, which is how they get revenue to operate the college. Farnum and Ben are in a room together, so are Maddie, Erika, and Anna. Kylee, Myrna, and Tanya are together and then the three of us (Loran, Emily, and Sarah) are roommates! The first day, we started at 9:00am with breakfast. We were … Continue reading

Seattle Team: Color me Russia

Living the story is always better than hearing it. I’ve been hearing about this story for several years now. My girlfriend, at the time, talked about visiting Russia to work at an orphanage. She talked about every kid and the love she had for each. She talked about happy stories but also sad and heartbreaking stories. She was living out a good story and her emotion and enthusiasm led me to want to one day experience it with her. Move ahead three years to now and that girlfriend I had is now my wife and that story she told is … Continue reading

CBU: St Petersburg – the power of prayer

Last update from the team in St Petersburg: It is hard to believe our last day in country is tomorrow! This week has been one of incredible breakthroughs with teams, the power of prayer in action. Our team had the opportunity to share their story of faith multiple times with the teens and children. Knowing that we might not see an individual the next day spurred our urgency to share truth, and God was faithful to give us the opportunity to share! Our week of ministry ended with celebrations at the Transit Center. We had planned a Discoteca, but instead, … Continue reading