Team A: Time to say goodbye

Hey Everyone! The team is currently packing up and planning an all nighter for the flight tomorrow. We will be departing at 3 am and taking off for home. But before our long journey begins we wanted to let you know what has happened for the last couple of days. Friday was a special day for the teen group. We started off the day doing our usual morning routine with the kids, but we returned that evening after dinner for a dance party! We got some music playing, brought nail polish, and took polaroid photos of the kids that they … Continue reading

Team-A: We are here!

Preevyet from Eastern Europe! We arrived in country at 11:00pm and we were amazed that it was still light outside. The place that we are staying is a dorm at a Christian college in the city. They rent the building out as a hostel throughout the summer, which is how they get revenue to operate the college. Farnum and Ben are in a room together, so are Maddie, Erika, and Anna. Kylee, Myrna, and Tanya are together and then the three of us (Loran, Emily, and Sarah) are roommates! The first day, we started at 9:00am with breakfast. We were … Continue reading

FFMC: On their way home.

What a week full of love, laughter, acceptance, friendship, hugs and tears.  The First Free Methodist Team is on their way home. Right now they are flying over the Atlantic Ocean; sad to leave Russia, but excited to see their family and friends.  It was a blessing to have each team member be a part of SunErgos’ ministry and to pour God’s love upon the children at the orphanage.  The seeds planted will have a ripple effect in the future months and years. Please pray for safety as the team flies home and adjusts to the 11 hour time difference.  … Continue reading

Celebrating a birthday with the kids!

Day 5 Happy Birthday Bonnie!!! What a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day this was!!  In the morning we spent a little time shopping and having lunch in a mall that I think had about 56 floors.  Tessa, Thomas, and Savannah really enjoyed that, and…wait for it…Jami, Anne and Bonnie got their beloved Starbucks! When we got to the orphanage it was Bonnie and Anne’s day to lead the lesson.  The story was Jesus feeds 5,000 and the topic was “thankfulness”.  Bonnie shared some stories about her life and used them to teach the kids how thankful she has been to God and his … Continue reading

Witnessing God’s beauty

Water, sky, sand, rain, sunshine and children – all represent God’s beautiful creation! We are half way done with the camp at the Gulf of Finland. An amazing example of God’s beauty as we witness the outcasts in society embraced by God through His people. Ten full days of reconciliation in the midst of God’s creation! In its fourth year of partnership, SunErgos has been working with Perspektiva, a Russian based non-profit, to empower the physically and mentally challenged youth of Saint Petersburg. “We live in tents for 10 days, cook on a bonfire, wash in the sea, play games, … Continue reading