CBU: St Petersburg – the power of prayer

Last update from the team in St Petersburg: It is hard to believe our last day in country is tomorrow! This week has been one of incredible breakthroughs with teams, the power of prayer in action. Our team had the opportunity to share their story of faith multiple times with the teens and children. Knowing that we might not see an individual the next day spurred our urgency to share truth, and God was faithful to give us the opportunity to share! Our week of ministry ended with celebrations at the Transit Center. We had planned a Discoteca, but instead, … Continue reading

CBU: Novgorod – last day in the city

Last update from the team in Novgorod: Tonight is a night of celebration for our team as we reflect on the joys and trials that we have face in the past three weeks here in Russia. Our team is joyous in moving forward back to America, knowing that Christ will continue the work that He has started here. Our final day with our children and teens was spent in celebration, handing out gifts and Bibles, assuring these sweet people that they are loved and will not be forgotten. The transit center was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and thankfulness, … Continue reading

CBU: Novgorod – tomorrow we say goodbye…

An update from Team B in Novgorod:This time the update is from each person on the team as they pack up the presents to give each child and teen tomorrow for their last day. Please pray for them since it will be an emotional time for the kids and the team. Kaylee: Hi Family and Babe!:) The past two weeks have been so awesome! I have so much to tell you when we get back! We made so many friends and heard so many stories! The Lord has been by my side the whole time and has taught me a … Continue reading

CBU: St Petersburg – being Bold for Jesus!

An update from the team in Saint Petersburg: It is unbelievable to think we only have  a few days of ministry left in St. Petersburg! This has been such a full week, but I think we are all feeling the weight of leaving the kids in the transit center. There have been many spiritual battles, breakthroughs, and relationships formed. There is so much to share, it is difficult to know where to begin. When you begin to hear the personal tragedies in each of the teen’s lives, our hearts just break for them! From toddlers through teens who have been … Continue reading

CBU: Novgorod – the final stretch!

An update from Novgorod: We cannot believe that we only have a week left here in Russia! The Lord has been so faithful to us as we are serving Him here and we are so thankful! Today we are writing to you with great praises; both our children’s team and our teen’s team have experienced great triumphs so far this week, AND it’s only Monday! Our children’s team has been able to continue planting Gospel seeds through storytelling and crafts. Many of the children know about the Bible and Jesus, but we are not sure of their salvation. Please pray … Continue reading