FFMC: Last day with the kids…

Day 5. Our last day at the orphanage. What a day. Last night as we were preparing for our final day, we struggled between the happiness the kids gave us and the sad feeling from realizing we may not see them again once we leave. We quickly agreed to focus the next day on loving the kids and enjoying the little bit of time left with them. That decision soon became a huge blessing to us all. After our morning skit about the importance of listening to God as our coach in life; the little kids left and the fun … Continue reading

FFMC: Being Flexible

Our first day at the center was an emotional roller-coaster. We were excited because of all the planning and efforts put into the skit, games and crafts. The anticipation was palpable. There were many unknowns going into this week (How many kids will be there? What will be their ages?), but we thought we had all our bases covered…Boy were we wrong. This day was not going to follow a simple schedule on an excel spreadsheet. We were going to have to think on our (very jet-lagged) toes! Upon meeting all 23 of the kids, we quickly realized our anxieties … Continue reading

FFMC: The team has arrived!

After long travels, the First Free Methodist Church team from Seattle, WA has arrived and getting some long awaited sleep! Thank you everyone for your prayers! Please continue to pray for the team as they go through some training tomorrow, learning about what it means to live in the Russian culture and memorizing some Russian words! Since the FFMC team is here for only 9 days, they have gone through much of the training in the US before their departure. The training empowers teams to serve even better throughout their time of ministry in Russia. It is amazing the impact … Continue reading

SPU: From one camp to another

Third update and things are going well here. It is always hard adapting to new locations and activities but those kids and teens we have been working with at the center have really embraced our company. Through this week we have shared some of our story and asked about theirs and have learned a lot about how they came to the center. Even though they have no reason to accept us into their lives and share their story they do so anyway, which shows how strong and welcoming they are. Their stories really touched our hearts. Many have been away … Continue reading

SPU: First 2 days with kids

Well, friends, the start to our week has been anything less than busy! It’s been a great two days at the orphanage so far and we love getting to know the kids and teens. Our plans haven’t exactly gone as we’d hoped, but God’s plan always prevails and that’s what truly matters. During a very important block of time for the staff, we were able to play with the kids and make lion’s masks out of paper plates. They loved it! One of the best parts was when they pretended to scare us and then said, “It’s me!” They are … Continue reading