Team A: Time to say goodbye

Hey Everyone! The team is currently packing up and planning an all nighter for the flight tomorrow. We will be departing at 3 am and taking off for home. But before our long journey begins we wanted to let you know what has happened for the last couple of days. Friday was a special day for the teen group. We started off the day doing our usual morning routine with the kids, but we returned that evening after dinner for a dance party! We got some music playing, brought nail polish, and took polaroid photos of the kids that they … Continue reading

FFMC: Day 3 and 4

Day 3 at the orphanage began with 2 skits with the theme of having a relationship with God. The first skit focusing on heroes- Jesus being our true superhero. The second skit titled “Labels…Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” was shown without narration. Our main message was that we have all been called names, we all have burdens, and we’ve all been hurt, but Jesus takes these away and we are clean. Parachute time followed the skits as the day before which is always a hit with the little kids, and extra fun when the teen boys help out! The … Continue reading

SPU: From one camp to another

Third update and things are going well here. It is always hard adapting to new locations and activities but those kids and teens we have been working with at the center have really embraced our company. Through this week we have shared some of our story and asked about theirs and have learned a lot about how they came to the center. Even though they have no reason to accept us into their lives and share their story they do so anyway, which shows how strong and welcoming they are. Their stories really touched our hearts. Many have been away … Continue reading

SPU: God of Hope

Dearest Friends and Family, We wanted to start our last blog by thanking you for all that you have done for us. Your love and support has kept us going through the hard times. God has done incredible things on this trip but one that we wanted to share with you is how all of our prayers have been answered on this trip and we know that is hugely because of all of your support in prayer for us back home! We cannot thank you enough; you have made a huge difference here! Time has really flown by and we … Continue reading

SPU and Interns: Final days of camp

With only a few days left of camp, it is with joy and sadness that the team and interns are getting ready to say goodbye. It has been such joy to get to know the teens who are physically or mentally disabled. For them, life is bleak without any future. In the Russia, if you are disabled then there is no hope for you. You are an outcast in society. Locked up in an orphanage or in your own small apartment. If wheelchair bound, you cannot go anywhere since there are no ramps and elevators do not always work. Most … Continue reading