An Outcast 3 Times!

At four years old, Misha’s outing consists of going outside in a stroller and watching.

Each day watching as kids run around, play in the sand box, swing in the swings and laugh. Misha rarely smiles and never laughs.

Misha was abandoned at birth because he is HIV positive. At the orphanage another horrifying fact came out: Misha has cerebral palsy! This little boy, who can barely understand why he is different, has three labels attached to make him “untouchable” in the society. Orphan. HIV positive. Disabled.

One summer we witnessed a miracle. One of the SunErgos team members, picked up Misha from the stroller, and put him in the children’s swing. We all stood and watched as this boy transformed in front of our eyes.
At first, she got him to smile, as she slowly pushed the swing. Then, came a grin! In the end, Misha was laughing and yelling “Push harder, push harder”!

That day, through the hands of someone who took a leap of faith and decided to spend her vacation holding orphans, this little boy felt normal. Accepted and loved for who his is. And his thanks was more than anyone could have said to this Christian woman, as she watched this little boy grinning and yelling “more, push more”!

SunErgos partners with the City’s HIV Baby Orphanage where babies, like Misha, are brought each day.

Participate with SunErgos in giving necessary aid to the little ones infected with HIV, click here.

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