Our Staff

Tatiana Mendakoff
President, Founder
Ukrainian-born Tatiana grew up in the former Soviet Union where her parents were harassed and ostracized because of their faith in Christ.  The communist police often raided the home of her grandfather, a pastor, to confiscate Bibles. Tatiana was nine years old when her parents fled the persecution and came as refugees to the United States. Twelve years later, after graduating from Seattle Pacific University, her love for the people of Russia and her heart to serve those whom Jesus called “the least of these” provided the impetus for Tatiana to return. Driven by compassion for the confused and hurting people around her, Tatiana launched SunErgos International in 2003.

Michael Mendakoff
Vice President, Founder
Michael grew up in Saint Petersburg and became a Christian while studying at Med School.  He changed schools and graduated from St Petersburg Christian University with a degree in Theology. Throughout his time at the University he started to ministering to orphans in Russia through involvement in camps and programs inside orphanages. After graduating, he joined Tatiana in starting a ministry that would provide basic necessities and hope to the fatherless. Michael’s background involves being the Senior Pastor of the Saint Petersburg Nazarene Church and working as a teacher at various orphanages in the Saint Petersburg region. Now, he dedicates himself to serve orphans and the poor through SunErgos International.

Meaghan Frost
Marketing Director
Meaghan first heard about the orphan issues in a class she took at Seattle Pacific University. Right then she decided not to be indifferent and signed up to go on a Short Term Mission trip with SunErgos. After spending two weeks at the Transit Center in Saint Petersburg, Meaghan became passionate about sharing the orphan’s cry.  She is committed to creating a better world for orphans and making sure they are treated as loved children of God.

Marina Chebunicheva
Field Director, Velikiy Novgorod
Marina’s experience of over 10 years in Youth With a Mission in Russia, brings valuable expertise to the work of SunErgos in Russia. Her dedication and compassion towards orphan issues in Russia empowers other locals and internationals to be passionate in their service in orphanages. Marina overseas SunErgos projects in Velikiy Novgorod, weekly Bible lessons in the orphanages throughout the year and organizing summer camps for our Short Term Missions.

Kendra Higa
Administrative Assistant
A past SunErgos Short-Term Team member, Kendra came back and served as an Intern for a whole year in 2006. Kendra is passionate in issues concerning child’s safety, education and family. While serving as an Intern, Kendra organized a ministry team of local young Christians to lead Bible lessons at the Transit Center in Saint Petersburg. Her compassion towards the fatherless was evident in her daily interactions with the kids at the shelter.

Tanya Parkhomuk
Field Interpreter, Russia
Tanya brings with her over a decade of experience in working with the fatherless in Russia and Ukraine. Her compassion and a servant heart brings reconciliation in the hurting hearts of the abused, abandoned and orphaned.  Tanya is one of SunErgos’ Interpreters with Summer Mission groups in St Petersburg. Throughout the year she heads the program with the Disabled Youth and the Transit Center in St Petersburg.

Field Interpreter, Russia
Since becoming a Christian he has searched ways to serve those in need and dedicated his life to being a servant to others.  Artiom is one of SunErgos’ Interpreters with Summer Mission groups, as well as participating in weekly visits to orphanages throughout the year.