There are many ways to participate with SunErgos International and we welcome all kinds of talents.

Here are some ways you can volunteer!

Become an Intern and work with us in Seattle, WA.  We are currently looking for summer interns in multiple positions such as graphic design, creative writing, researching and much more! Please contact us if you are interested.

Learn about the orphan problem in Russia. Become aware of what is happening and educate others.
Share with your friends, family, co-workers and/or church about orphans in Russia. Share by talking or making a formal presentation. (We can provide the materials for you!)

Organize a fundraiser
Sell handmade crafts or great coffee from our partnering store, Kuma Coffee. A fundraiser does not need to be a huge event. It may be something small that will get the attention of your community.
Pray and fast with supporters donating money for every hour you fast!

Share on Facebook about SunErgos International and link to our website and fan page!

Go on a mission trip to Russia as an Intern or team member.

“My experience was life-changing. I was opened to a world that is ignored, even by its own people. I grew closer to God and my faith was strengthened. I was challenged to stop living for myself and live for the Kingdom.

Because of SunErgos, my attitude towards ministry has changed completely. Serving alongside SunErgos was the best thing I have done to help shape my future outlook on ministry.”Courtney Watson; CBU Team Leader

Donate now and support a child, click here to change a life!