“Because of SunErgos, my attitude towards ministry has changed completely. Serving alongside SunErgos was the best thing I have done to help shape my future outlook on ministry.” 2010 Intern

babushka with flowers

International Women’s Day

By Natalie Flath, SunErgos Intern working with EVA in St Petersburg. On March 8th was International Women’s Day which is very well celebrated in Russia! Babushka’s were selling beautiful, soft puffy yellow flowers at every street corner. Every woman receives a compliment or praise. It is a Russian National holiday! The theme for this women’s

The Orphan Factory

To be an Orphan with HIV

As an organization, SunErgos does not simply work with the orphans in Russia, but the most marginalized groups of children—the sick and stigmatized.  It is impossible to approach the subject of orphans in Russia without breaching the topic of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Here are some statistics that may shed a bit of light onto the


Abandoned and Neglected: The life of a social orphan

A few weeks ago we gave a short history of Russian orphans, and the systems that have kept many children out of homes and healthy environments.  This week we are going to discuss the phenomenon of social orphans. A social orphan is a child that has at least one living parent, but has either been