“Because of SunErgos, my attitude towards ministry has changed completely. Serving alongside SunErgos was the best thing I have done to help shape my future outlook on ministry.” 2010 Intern

Refugees in Armenia

Can you imagine living in such conditions? One of our former Staff, Marina, has moved from Velikiy Novgorod to Armenia and continues to work with children at risk.  This Christmas we partnered with her and the local church to bring some hope to these families. Here is what she writes about the visit with the

International Children’s Day

June 1st is International Children’s Day! Different countries celebrate their children by putting on entertainment for kids, various concerts and fairs. Saint Petersburg, once again, outdid itself this year. On Sunday the Palace Square will be full with kids playing games, listening to a concert, receiving presents and celebrating. Each year various orphanages in the

International Women’s Day

By Natalie Flath, past SunErgos Intern working with EVA in St Petersburg. On March 8th was International Women’s Day which is very well celebrated in Russia! Babushka’s were selling beautiful, soft puffy yellow flowers at every street corner. Every woman receives a compliment or praise. It is a Russian National holiday! The theme for this