From Horror To Love

She says she’s only five, but her eyes show much older. The serious look in her eyes shows a child that has seen too much evil already.

Valya was brought to the Transit Center because of abuse and neglect. She was raped by her step father, while the mother, being so high on drugs, did nothing. How do you explain to a five year old that this is not normal? That she is just a child and should not know the evil of this world? At least not at five.

How do you teach Valya that God loves her and protects her, when she was so horrifically abused by the ones who should protect her?

But God is merciful and compassionate and through time and the precious love of others Valya began to change. Her laughter would be heard throughout the building, the playfulness of a five year old came broke through the hurt and abuse.

Valya’s story does not end there, like so many little girls who are sexually abused and end up going into prostitution. Valya’s story is about true transformation. Within a few years a family was found and she was adopted and taken into a loving home where healing and change will take place.

SunErgos partners with the City’s Crisis Center where girls like Valya are brought daily.

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