Our Founders

Michael, Erik, Tatiana, Liana

Tatiana & Michael Mendakoff

Due to 70 years of Communism, families crumbled with no faith in God.  Russian streets became filled with homeless children, and over 100 Saint Petersburg orphanages were overflowing with orphans.  The Godless nation has demoralized itself.  Elderly are forced to beg for money, as pensions are not enough to survive and children are living on the streets as many orphanages are overcrowded and underfunded.

SunErgos International, a ministry serving orphans, widows and the poor in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was founded in 2003 by Michael and Tatiana Mendakoff.

As a little girl, Tatiana fled with her family from the Communist Regime to the US.  After graduating from Seattle Pacific University in 2001, she decided to serve in Russia and has been working with SunErgos International ever since.

Michael grew up in Saint Petersburg and became a Christian while studying at Med School.  After switching universities, he graduated with a degree in Theology and also chose to dedicated himself to serving orphans in the city.

Today, Michael and Tatiana spend six months out of each year serving the fatherless in Russia.  Along with their two children, Liana and Erik, the Mendakoff family travels between the two countries every year.

SunErgos provides food, warmth and hope to the fatherless and the widow.  Fellow Christians serve in unity to spread the Gospel and provide basic necessities to those in need in Russia.

SunErgos strives to make this world a little brighter and bring hope to an orphan and a widow who has only experienced suffering.

 The Mendakoff Family raises their own support. Click here to support them financially.