Who We Serve

There are over a million orphans and homeless children in Russia.  Officially, 750,000 are orphans living in 2,000 state-run orphanages. That means that Russia has more orphans today than after World War II and the number is continually rising! Statistics show that only one out of ten Russian orphans becomes a functional member of society. Each year we host summer camps at the orphanages and play games and crafts with the children, a summer highlight for everyone!

Street Children
Multitudes of Russian children are on the run from abusive situations living on the streets or in underground sewers  in desperate need of basic food, medicine and clothes.  We can always use extra donations to help provide these essentials for the children.

Russia has one of the fastest growing AIDS epidemics in the world, with 100 new infections every day. The amount of women and their infants being affected are increasing rapidly.  Latest figures show 22,000 babies have been born to HIV-positive women.  Many babies are immediately abandoned by their mothers and placed into the care of the state.  We work with infants to give them the attention and fundamental necessities a newborn must have to survive.

Tuberculosis is still a problem in Russia, especially for those that are in the criminal world. We work with broken homes that have children exposed to TB.

Individuals with disabilities are labeled as outcasts of society. Wheelchair acceptability is unheard of and many disabled people are ridiculed and mocked. We spend time with physically and mentally disabled individuals showing them much needed respect and hospitality.

Elderly are abandoned by family and left on their own. Most of our work with the elderly is simply being a presence and helping complete daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking.

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