Team 3: Goodbye

The last half of our mission trip was full of mixed emotions. We accomplished our mission to serve and love the children/teens, but one week simply was not enough. This trip made us realize how important it is to let go of our comfort in exchange for caring for others. For example, one of the non-Russian-speaking team members shared how surprised she was at being able to connect so closely to someone without being able to speak their language. One of the team members noted how universal the expression of love truly is. Even though our relationship with the children … Continue reading

Team 3: Day 2

Today was a fun day! We were pleasantly surprised by the relatively sunny warm weather we were blessed with, when we walked this morning to the children’s center. Seeing some of the kids greet all of us as we came in was in itself heart-warming. Especially, when little Zhenya came straight up to Victoria to show her his notebook of birds and other drawings, or how Mia flew across the hallway right into Jaimee’s arms as soon as she saw her. The day was spent sharing with the kids about loyalty and honesty and just plainly having fun in the … Continue reading