Share Warmth!

Clothe a Child!

Children are shivering in severe cold. Without appropriate clothing and shoes, children are at risk of illness and infection.
With your help, we can deliver urgently needed clothing to orphans in Russia.

Each spring many parents go shopping for new clothes for their children, who have miraculously outgrown their entire wardrobe over winter!  That is wonderful! Taking care of your children is very important.
But for the children who are orphans, living on the streets, in the sewers – life takes a nasty turn.  There is no one who can buy them a new pair of shoes, a  new pair of socks, a new pair of pants and a shirt.
That child will be forced to find any possible ways to find something to wear.  Finding someone to help him is almost impossible, so he results in stealing to stay clothed.

Give now to help an orphan be warm.