Refugees in Armenia

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Can you imagine living in such conditions?

One of our former Staff, Marina, has moved from Velikiy Novgorod to Armenia and continues to work with children at risk.  This Christmas we partnered with her and the local church to bring some hope to these families.

Here is what she writes about the visit with the kids.

“… thank you again for the joy SunErgos brought to those wonderful 25 children from poor families of refuges in Armenia by providing gifts for them! It made the holiday special for the children – something to sweeten their lives. The government or schools don’t give Christmas gifts for them. The parents have to pay money to teachers if they want their children to get presents on Christmas and they don’t have money for that. They live in very poor conditions in the old dormitories that are about to fall apart.

Our team organized a very good program for the kids – they played games, sang songs about Jesus, showed short drama and talked about His birth, prayed together and at the end Santa Clause arrived with the gifts and children quoted poems and sang songs. They all dressed up for the event. It was touching to see their eyes shining on that day and it was heartbreaking to see how they live everyday life. “

We are in the process of starting a new ministry, as we partner with Marina and her church in Armenia.  Will you commit $20 a month with SunErgos as we start a new ministry in Armenia?

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