A Haven in the Midst of Horror!

That is what everyone calls the Tuberculosis Children Center SunErgos partners with in Russia. It is a place where children are brought to be treated for the beginning stages of TB.

Children from villages nearby come from abusive and neglectful homes; where daily the child lives through drug, alcohol and physical abuse. Many children do not see their family throughout their 6 month stay at the Center, because they just do not come to visit the child.

At one of the summer camps led by SunErgos Missions Team, one little girl sat by the fence for hours waiting for her mother to come and visit. When asked what she was doing, her reply was: “I thought that since you made me look beautiful with make-up and pretty hair, now my mother would certainly come and see me!”

The TB Center welcomes everyone who needs treatment. Some kids bring a bag of clothes for the 6 month stay, but most come with what they have on for that day. There is no loving parent who takes care of them back home, no one who makes sure that the child is fed and clothed.

At the Center, the children are given clothes and a warm meal each day. SunErgos Staff partners with the TB Children Center in sharing the Gospel, through Bible lessons and making sure that the basic material needs are met of each child.

Participate with SunErgos in giving necessary aid to the children at the TB Center, click here.

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