Intern: Growing relationships with the kids!

It’s hard to believe that I have been here for almost a month! Time has gone by so quickly, I still feel like I just got here. This week was very similar to last week. With the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the school camp during the day. At camp I spent time playing outside with the kids, drawing with them, or whatever else they were doing. There are a couple of them in particular that I spend most of my time with. Every night I went to the TB center and played outside with the kids. … Continue reading

Interns: Saying goodbye…

Hello everyone! This last couple days have been very eventful for us. We have had so much fun with the kids. We have even gotten to know the director of the TB center better. She invited us to her house for pancakes or blini as they are called in Russia. We sat for hours drinking tea, eating watermelon and Blini, and talking about God and the kids at the center. It was an amazing conversation with an amazing woman but it was also difficult. We heard a lot of the kids’ stories; and they come from very difficult circumstances. Prayers … Continue reading

Interns: Last week in Novgorod

Hello everyone! This week we worked at the tb center. We have gotten to know the three oldest girls at the center very well. Two days ago we took half the day to sit with the girls to talk and then do nails and hair. We then took them and an older boy from the center out for ice cream and an evening out on the town. It was too much fun and we fell so blessed to have gotten to know these girls so well. We have made great friends here and never will forget them. What a wonderful … Continue reading

Interns: A birthday blessing!

Hello everyone! Since the last time we have talked to you a lot has been going on. We went to St. Petersburg to celebrate the cook from camps birthday. It was a beautiful birthday celebration that started off with just us and her family eating, which then turned into a seven hour meal consisting of talking and more friends from camp showing up. Last time we were with her family SunErgos blessed her with some money for her daughters medical treatment and other things that they needed. Before dinner started she showed us all the clothes she bought and made … Continue reading

Interns: Serving in Novgorod

Hello friends and family! This week we started our work at the Tuberculosis Hospital and we have already fallen in love with every child there. We have been telling bible stories, playing games, and doing crafts. The center has a bunch of characters that are just crazy little kids to be around, but that is one of the reasons why we love them so much! Today we went on a boat ride with them and they were all so excited and mesmerized at the water and the boat. They loved it so much and it was so much fun experiencing … Continue reading