CBU: The teams are on their way home!

You can track their progress on the Lufthansa website, here.   Their first flight is: LH 1462.  Then their second flight is:  LH 456. Make sure to enter the date of May 29th, 2012. (Or a live website where the plane moves as you watch!) The three weeks have flown by and it seems like they have just arrived, excited to serve the fatherless of Russia.  And now they have boarded the plane to come back home.  Each one is excited to see family and friends, yet sad to leave the relationships that were built with the children and teens at the two … Continue reading

Intern: An update from Sean, on his adventures in Russia

Been a long time coming, but here is an update from the intern! First off I just want to say thank you to everyone that has been praying for me on my trip out here, I know that I am only here thanks to all of your love and support. So much has happened since the last time that I wrote you all, and I am not really sure where to start. Last time I wrote was just halfway through the first week of camp, and now I sit here as the first team that I am helping out with … Continue reading

CBU – St Petersburg: Surprises on the last day

Yesterday was our last day with the kids at the Transit Center. While it was one of the hardest days that any of us have endured, it was also one of the happiest. Being the last day we could spend with these kids we had planned a party for them; little did we know that they had plans for us as well. After we got the kids ready for the party we came back together to dance and hangout, and just enjoy our last few hours with them. When they returned we were informed that they had planned a special … Continue reading

CBU – Novgorod: Saying goodbye…

Hello again. Thank you so much for all of your prayers for our ministry here. We had a fantastic day of camp on Wednesday with a lesson on encouragement. Everyone on the team really came together to plan, organize and execute the lesson and activities for the camp so well after a more difficult previous day at camp. We were all so pleased to see all the kids come up to write multiple examples of encouraging words on the poster board–it was such a pleasant surprise that the lesson was so well received by the kids. After our fun day … Continue reading

CBU – St Petersburg: Three more days of camp

With only three days left of our camp in St. Petersburg, we are amazed at the relationships being built. The kids have settled into a routine of a daily skit and games in the gym, followed by group time with the teenage guys, teenage girls and younger children and ending the day with a trip to the park to play games. Keeping with the Olympic theme, the daily skit has reoccurring characters who are competitors in the “Olympics of life” and “the trainer” who is always there to guide them. Each day’s skit has a theme or moral such as … Continue reading