Repercussion of the Adoption Ban

June 29, 2013 in SunErgos NEWS

Last week, we discussed the recent adoption ban imposed on Americans by the Russian Duma.  This  week, we will follow-up by discussing the consequence of the ban, particularly on the families in the process of adopting Russian children when the ban was set in place. While the full details of the ban can be found here, one important aspect to remember is the convoluted politics surrounding the lives of these children.  The lack of pertinent conversation between the United States and Russia suggests that any move to help these children could have serious political implications for both governments.  Thus, Obama has not moved on the issue, and Putin has only increased his fervor to keep Russian children in Russia and out of America. There are approximately 230 to 300 American families in the process of adopting Russian children, now with little hope of bringing their children home.  With few other options, a group of 230 families created a plan that would allow the Russian government increased access to the children after they are in the custody of the American families.  Unfortunately, the Russian government has yet to recognize the plan as a viable option.

In addition, 22 American families are preparing to submit a case to the European Court of Human rights claiming that this ban violates the rights of the children.  With no official jurisdiction over Russian law the court cannot grant a reform of the law.  The case may only serve to provide a voice for parents struggling to catch the attention of the Russian Duma. These parents have no tangible action they can take against a foreign government, so they are grasping any opportunity to make an impact on the Russian Duma.  According to a Russian newspaper, native families have already adopted 99 of the children connected with Americans, indicating the government’s determination to keep Russian children in Russia.

The hopeful parents are not the only U.S. citizens that are working to fight this ban.  More than 150 US congress members signed a letter to Obama pleading with him to discuss the ban with Putin during the G8 conference that happened on June 17th and 18th.  Despite their efforts, the most recent reports show the conflict in Syria dominated the conversation between Putin and Obama.  There has been no mention of the two leaders even discussing the ban.  It seems that they have not put the issue on the forefront of their diplomacy.

With stories of attempted diplomacy come the distressing stories of American families and abandoned Russian children.   As the letter from congress states: “Politics between the United States and Russia have become personal to several hundred Russian orphans and the families in the United States hoping to adopt them.  These are children without parents, families, or homes.  Many are in need of urgent medical care; all are in need of a future filled with promise.”

Please continue to pray for strength as these families persist in this heartbreaking struggle.  And please pray for the hundreds of children, many with disabilities, disappointed in the hope of a family because of politics and international tensions.

Written by Hilary Morris, Creative Writing Intern.