Interns: In Novgorod!

We are now in Novgorod! But the last days in St. Petersburg were not to be forgotten . Some of our new amazing friends from camp met up with us in the city to show us what their city was about. The bus driver from camp took us on an amazing night tour of the city. We also were invited to the cook from camps house for an amazing dinner with her and her daughter. It was such a great time and we felt so blessed that God had placed these wonderful people in our lives. We also worked at … Continue reading

SPU: Our week with little ones

Greetings again lovely friends and family! Our time at the Orphanage has been so much more than playing with and loving on kids. God has been doing some incredible things here in Russia! Friday was our last day at the orphanage and we all left with amazing memories and hopes for the kids. Our hearts were broken while we were there. We are trying to piece together what the experience has meant personally, for each one of us. One thing we know is that these kids really impacted us and touched our lives. We were so glad to have worked … Continue reading

SPU: Finished training, tomorrow we meet the kids!

Privyet Friends and Family! After completing our training in Russia we are excited to embark on our next adventure: BABIES! We will start helping at the HIV Baby Orphanage tomorrow. What we have learned: These first few days have already been an eye opening experience for us as we have learned much from the people of Russia. In our training we learned about the Language, History, Religion, and Culture. Through learning the history, we were able to understand its large impact on present day culture and people. This morning, we had the opportunity to attend an Orthodox Church service: a … Continue reading

News from Alex and Magen!

It is now our second week in Russia, and we arrived safely to Novgorod.  Our week has started and will end with a VBS camp for the children and teens here at the children’s center.  Yesterday was our first day and it was so much more than we expected (in a good way).  We arrived to a classroom of children who were shaking in their seats with excitement to come and meet us.  When their teaching session was over we were greeted with Russian songs and cheers.

Hello from Magen and Alex!

Hello again Everyone! Well, our week in St Petersburg is just about done and again what a blessing it has been! For the past couple days we’ve been playing with the children as usual and each day brings new experiences with the kids. As we were playing with the children on Thursday we were all dreading the next day where we would have to say goodbye to the children we had spent all week playing with. Little did we know that on Friday, we wouldn’t have to say goodbye because the children were on a field trip to the zoo!