SPU: From Russia with Love

Well, our final days in Russia have been quite the adventure. From saying our goodbyes at the orphanage to seeing more beautiful sights around the city, we have made these days count. Here is a recap: Sunday (in the 90 degree heat), we went to our final church service and our favorite post-church food spot, the Teaspoon. We had our final servings of borsch and blini (crêpes), which were delicious as always. After, the team went to the Summer Gardens and had a picnic, spending some quality time in the city together for our final days. It was absolutely gorgeous. … Continue reading

SPU: Back in the city…

Greetings from St. Petersburg! Krista here reporting that we have safely returned to the city this afternoon and can proudly say that we have survived the Russian Wilderness, or as Kalie would say “Russian Wild”. Apart from countless mosquito and horse fly bites, the team is all doing physically well. We all experienced some form of illness while at camp, but we were eagerly mended to by the amazing doctor on staff and have all recovered. The disabilities camp was an amazing experience that stretched all of us in ways and to limits that we never even knew we had. … Continue reading

SPU: From one camp to another

Third update and things are going well here. It is always hard adapting to new locations and activities but those kids and teens we have been working with at the center have really embraced our company. Through this week we have shared some of our story and asked about theirs and have learned a lot about how they came to the center. Even though they have no reason to accept us into their lives and share their story they do so anyway, which shows how strong and welcoming they are. Their stories really touched our hearts. Many have been away … Continue reading

SPU: First 2 days with kids

Well, friends, the start to our week has been anything less than busy! It’s been a great two days at the orphanage so far and we love getting to know the kids and teens. Our plans haven’t exactly gone as we’d hoped, but God’s plan always prevails and that’s what truly matters. During a very important block of time for the staff, we were able to play with the kids and make lion’s masks out of paper plates. They loved it! One of the best parts was when they pretended to scare us and then said, “It’s me!” They are … Continue reading

SPU: Tomorrow we meet the kids!

Hey (or Privyet) Family and Friends! It has been an exciting last few days getting more situated with not only our team and lovely host but with Russia as well. Whether it be riding the metro, eating crêpes (blini), exploring ornate cathedrals, attending a local church service, or outlining our lesson plans for our upcoming time at the orphanage, each moment has proven to be an enriching one. Our host has been great at giving us more than just a tourist exploration of St. Petersburg as we’ve gotten to travel as the fellow Russians do. For one, we’ve learned that … Continue reading