SPU: First 2 days with kids

IMG_9195Well, friends, the start to our week has been anything less than busy! It’s been a great two days at the orphanage so far and we love getting to know the kids and teens. Our plans haven’t exactly gone as we’d hoped, but God’s plan always prevails and that’s what truly matters. During a very important block of time for the staff, we were able to play with the kids and make lion’s masks out of paper plates. They loved it! One of the best parts was when they pretended to scare us and then said, “It’s me!” They are so energetic and have really opened up to us the last few days. Because there are four of us and ten of them, we are actually getting to spend time with each one.IMG_9226

Our time with the teens was much different. After we did a small skit about courage, concerning David and Goliath, we played capture the flag and attempted a team-building activity we learned through our SPU SPRINT training. They had to lower a stick to the ground while remaining silent and using only their fingers. While the four of us failed miserably at the task, they did it no problem! The team joked of flashbacks and the memories of one of the first times we had to work together as a team after just meeting each other. The teens taught us a game with a soccer ball and goal, which was pretty fun as well. A few of us “non-futbol” players learned how to elevate the ball without using our hands. When we were tired from the heat and running around, we sat with them and discussed a variety of “table topics,” mostly the get-to-know-you type things. We talked music, TV shows, movies, Iron Man, and travel. We got some recommendations on books and places we should visit in St. Petersburg. They are willing to just sit and have a conversation with us all, and that has really opened our hearts (even more) as well. No language barrier can stand in our way!

IMG_9285In our devotions tonight, McKenzie had us read Mark 5:37, where Jesus feeds the five thousand. We are reminded that, while our craft supplies may be low and our plans aren’t always as smooth as they should be, we are working with what we have to our best ability and God will provide. Thaddaeus reminded us of the disciples and the way in which they diligently obeyed Jesus’ request without knowing exactly what was going to happen. The same applies to the team. We have decided to follow God in Russia and do His work, and that comes with a lot of unknown territory. The four of us believe we are called for such a time as this, and we are going to hand out the bread baskets until we can walk no longer.

We appreciate your love and prayers!

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3 Responses to SPU: First 2 days with kids

  1. Cheri Rothenberg says:

    Praying for each of you daily! I am confident God will use each of you and all you have for His glory with the kids and teens. Love and prayers!

  2. Cathy Nelson says:

    Praying for you all! How exciting to see what God is doing through you all!! Love you! Cathy Nelson

  3. Jessica VG says:

    Your team was awesome at skits during retreat so I have no doubts of how awesome you’ll are!! did you try schaverma or klubniki yet (strawberries) SO GOOD! also are you at the hostel? Miss you all and have fun!! SEems like a great time with the kids!

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