SPU: God of Hope

Dearest Friends and Family, We wanted to start our last blog by thanking you for all that you have done for us. Your love and support has kept us going through the hard times. God has done incredible things on this trip but one that we wanted to share with you is how all of our prayers have been answered on this trip and we know that is hugely because of all of your support in prayer for us back home! We cannot thank you enough; you have made a huge difference here! Time has really flown by and we … Continue reading

Interns: Back in the city

We just got back from our second session of camp and feel so blessed to have been a part of something so amazing. This week we worked with a 9 year old boy with autism and he stole our hearts. We were convinced by the fifth day that we were taking him back to America with us. This week was more difficult than the last because of the weather and our boy. What a sweet boy he was, but when he would get scared or upset he would have tantrums that were very hard to control. Helping him to calm … Continue reading

SPU and Interns: Final days of camp

With only a few days left of camp, it is with joy and sadness that the team and interns are getting ready to say goodbye. It has been such joy to get to know the teens who are physically or mentally disabled. For them, life is bleak without any future. In the Russia, if you are disabled then there is no hope for you. You are an outcast in society. Locked up in an orphanage or in your own small apartment. If wheelchair bound, you cannot go anywhere since there are no ramps and elevators do not always work. Most … Continue reading

SPU and Interns: First week of camp at the Gulf of Finland

Greetings from the Gulf of Finland! The first week has finished and everyone is doing great! The SPU team and our interns are enjoying their time at the camp, as they get to know the teens they are partnered with throughout the day. It is challenging, yet very rewarding to see the impact they have on the teens and staff. Since there is no internet at camp, this update is done by way of a phone call! 😉 Everyone sends their greetings and appreciates your prayers! Please continue to pray for good weather: there has been lots of rain the … Continue reading

SPU: Our week with little ones

Greetings again lovely friends and family! Our time at the Orphanage has been so much more than playing with and loving on kids. God has been doing some incredible things here in Russia! Friday was our last day at the orphanage and we all left with amazing memories and hopes for the kids. Our hearts were broken while we were there. We are trying to piece together what the experience has meant personally, for each one of us. One thing we know is that these kids really impacted us and touched our lives. We were so glad to have worked … Continue reading