SPU and Interns: First week of camp at the Gulf of Finland

Greetings from the Gulf of Finland! The first week has finished and everyone is doing great! The SPU team and our interns are enjoying their time at the camp, as they get to know the teens they are partnered with throughout the day. It is challenging, yet very rewarding to see the impact they have on the teens and staff. Since there is no internet at camp, this update is done by way of a phone call! 😉 Everyone sends their greetings and appreciates your prayers! Please continue to pray for good weather: there has been lots of rain the … Continue reading

Interns: Had some rest and now off to camp again!

Hi everyone! It’s Shannon! I am doing really well and cannot wait to go back to camp tomorrow (Monday), but am so glad I was able to get some rest these past few days back in the city. I also got to do a bunch of laundry since everything was sandy and smelled like campfire. It was hard to say goodbye to the kids, but it was so good to see that so many of them had such good families to go home to since Savannah and I rode home in the van with some of the kids. I can’t … Continue reading

Interns: Just finished our first session at camp!

Priviet family and friends! These first couple of weeks have been full of so much joy and chaos, and although we are exhausted right now, we could not have asked for a better group of kids and staff to have been working with throughout our first session. Right now we are back at the hostile in St. Petersburg for the weekend to get some rest and to wash our clothes, but we will return back to camp on Monday with the three beautiful SPU girls. We can confidently say that we wholeheartedly fell in love with every single kid at … Continue reading

Interns: News from the Gulf of Finland

Hello everyone! We are doing great! Exhausted but couldn’t be better! We have spent 4 days at camp by the Gulf of Finland.  Both of us are working one on one with a teen: a 15 year old girl with Down’s syndrome and 29 year old boy, who are joys to be around. It has been a tiring week but so rewarding. We think this will be one of the most exhausting months but also one of the best. Every day we do crafts with the teens; take them for a walk on the beach and in the forest or … Continue reading

Interns: Two new interns arrived!

Two Interns arrived yesterday to spend the summer serving the disabled, the sick and the orphaned. We are excited to have Shannon Orr and Savannah Seiple join us in Russia! After spending a month with us last summer as part of a ministry team from Seattle Pacific University, they decided to come for an extended length of time to serve with SunErgos. After getting some much needed rest, they will have two days to do some Russian language training and sightseeing. Then they will be off to the Gulf of Finland to minister to the physically and mentally disabled youth. … Continue reading