Sand, smiles and sunshine

Camp is over and Amanda is back in Saint Petersburg. Here is what she writes: It’s been a crazy, yet beautiful week and a half at the camp for disabled youth! It’s right on the Gulf of Finland and the beauty of God’s creation is everywhere. I was without technology the whole time and it was a beautiful thing to just be in the midst of nature without outside distractions. Living in a tent and camping for 10 days was very difficult, but God taught me so much. During the course of the camp I helped with two different kids … Continue reading

Abounding Love

Meet Nerissa Kenan: a recent Seattle Pacific University graduate who knew her purpose was to serve underprivileged children; a calling that allowed her to touch the heart of one quiet, little boy. As the summer of ’12 approached, Nerissa heard about the Seattle Pacific Reachout International programs hosted by SunErgos International. It would involve traveling overseas to Russia and working with kids. Immediately, she knew that is where she wanted to go. From her studies as an “Individual and Family Development” major, Nerissa knew Russian orphanages rarely offer physical touch – like holding babies or giving hugs – to the … Continue reading

Witnessing God’s beauty

Water, sky, sand, rain, sunshine and children – all represent God’s beautiful creation! We are half way done with the camp at the Gulf of Finland. An amazing example of God’s beauty as we witness the outcasts in society embraced by God through His people. Ten full days of reconciliation in the midst of God’s creation! In its fourth year of partnership, SunErgos has been working with Perspektiva, a Russian based non-profit, to empower the physically and mentally challenged youth of Saint Petersburg. “We live in tents for 10 days, cook on a bonfire, wash in the sea, play games, … Continue reading

Responding to a Greater Calling

Back in 2003 the Mendakoff family founded SunErgos International, to serve the orphans in Russia. Now in its eleventh year, the organization regularly sends teams of students to serve the orphanages caring for these children. Grace Marlene Gonzales was in one of those teams. Grace was just finishing her sophomore year when she learned about the mission trips offered by her school, California Baptist University. She discovered a few team projects in Russia working with kids through SunErgos and joined one of the teams . Soon Grace and her team arrived in Russia. Before they went to see the kids, … Continue reading

Off to the Gulf of Finland!

Hello Everyone!    Thank you for all of your prayers and support. My last two weeks in Novgorod were challenging, but good. I spent a lot of the time at the TB center and serving alongside the team from Armenia. The team from Armenia arrived on the third of July and I went to meet them for lunch. On the Fourth of July I spent most of the day with the team. They were planning what to do with the kids at the TB center and taught me a dance and a skit that we could use for ministry. In … Continue reading