Trinity Western University Team is on their way home!

TWU Team is on the plane headed for Vancouver!

It has been an amazing month for these four students who decided to spend part of the summer break serving orphans and the disabled in Russia. Their last week was spent at the Disabled Center, serving the teens who are outcasts in the Russian society. Abundant love and care was shared towards those that God holds dear! Continue reading

TWU Team update! Last week of Ministry…

Greetings from St.Petersburg! Our time here in Russia has certainly been an enriching experience for each team member and continues to be a blessing to those we encounter. Our team has grown closer, as we have been a source of encouragement and strength for each other. As we have been here for three weeks now, a routine has come into place. It is nice to have a better understanding of our surroundings and the people we work closely with. Like the past letters, we would like to share about our week in more detail. Continue reading

Trinity Western University Team update – week 2

We hope you all have been experiencing God’s many blessings- as we have!

This week our team has been able to see and experience more of St.Petersburg’s beauty. While the beauty surrounds us daily, It’s often difficult to comprehend the pain and suffering that goes on within the city (which we experience greatly at our ministry sites). We will proceed to describe our daily activities for the week in order to give you all a better understanding of how we spend our time in Russia. Continue reading

A letter from TWU Team

Dear family and friends, We are excited to let you know that we are in St. Petersburg, Russia, as you may have heard from Tatiana! Our first week has been full of many challenges and victories. We will give you a brief outline of each day since we have been here: May 7: Arrival into St. Petersburg, Russia at 11 PM! Going through customs was a breeze and they had no interest in us. We immediately separated and departed to our host families.

Holding babies!

That is what the TWU team did today!  The four students spent the whole day at an HIV Baby orphanage, playing with preschoolers and making babies smile.  The kids tired out our students, but they came home filled with stories and smiles.  A full day of giving to those that have no family; kids that are outcasts in society.  This week the TWU team will spend each day at this orphanage, sharing love and laughter with the kids.