The teams are arriving!

We are excited to start our summer ministry with camps for children and teens.  The teams are starting to arrive and soon our camps will be in full swing. Summer is an amazing time in St Petersburg!  It barely becomes dark, due to the White Nights season.  We are so far north that the sun does not set all the way.   To experience the full affect of White Nights, you need to come and see for yourself.  That is exactly what six teams will be doing this summer from USA and Canada, as they come and serve alongside SunErgos. Stay … Continue reading

Street Children of Russia

Take a look at the lives of street children in Russia. Russian Street Children – Click to Watch the video. Misha’s Story A boy runs away from the orphanage, just to make soup for his mother. Black rubber shoes, a few sizes too big, dusty feet, gray shorts and t-shirt, skinny body and huge kind eyes – this is our Misha.  Two years ago his alcoholic mother was denied parental rights.  The 12 year old boy was placed in an orphanage, 60 miles from home.  Throughout these 2 years, Misha has run away 20 times from the orphanage and walked … Continue reading

Mission teams in Russia!

Here you can read about SunErgos International ministry teams that come each summer to work with orphans in St Petersburg.  Young and old, they come for 2 weeks or 8 weeks to pour unconditional love unto children and teens that have been abandoned, neglected and traumatized. Join us on this journey, as we share the highs and lows and give you an inside look about what the team is doing throughout their stay in Russia.