FFMC: Day2!

Heavy rain during the night brought cooler temperatures-and more energy! Day 2 at the orphanage began with the day’s theme of kindness and a good Samaritan skit enjoyed by all (how can you go wrong with a rich businessman, a police officer and a Chechen on a Harley?)

Some of the big kids helped with the parachute in the gym, and the little kids had a blast doing parachute games. After the first day we felt like we were better able to communicate with the younger children, and the activities and games flowed more easily. So, although things felt a little hectic at the beginning, they also started with a bang making for a pretty good day.

As we move further into the week, we want to continue to draw in our teens and enjoy the little ones. It is our hope to continue to grow and learn from all of the new experiences we encounter in St. Petersburg. We ask for your prayer moving into the day ahead, and can’t wait to see what new adventures tomorrow holds.

Russia GO! Team (written by Lorena and Olivia)

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  1. Bud says:

    What a great experience for the kids and adults alike. These moments will live forever in everyone. I would like to see more pictures of everyone though.

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