Vanguard: Tomorrow we say goodbye…

Our time here in Russia is quickly winding down to an end. Tomorrow, we will finish the wonderful and fun two week day camp at the TB children’s center. It feels like just yesterday that we were meeting the kids and playing our first game of Russian zombie tag with them! Over the last two weeks, we performed a continuous skit in which Sean played our helpful and loyal guide. We used this character to convey the aspects of God and how we can relate to Him as our Heavenly Father. The rest of us acted as a group of … Continue reading

Vanguard: Three days left…

We came to the realization today that we have only three days remaining with the kids at the children’s center. The time here in Novgorod has been flying by. We started out our first week of ministry anxious about how the kids would receive us, but soon found that they were as excited to get to know us as we were to get to know them. There are about 50 kids currently at the TB children’s center we are working with. The kids vary in ages from toddlers to teens. It is inspiring to see the people who work at … Continue reading

Vanguard: Greetings from each team member!

Lindsey—Hi Mom, Dad & Aaron (and everyone else)!! We are having a great time with the children!! They are so fun and full of love!!  The team has been staying healthy (minus the MANY mosquito bites) J, the crafts and Bible games have been going very well and the kids are so welcoming—all thanks to all of your prayers! Please keep praying for health, safety and most importantly for the 50 children that we will be sharing Christ’s love to! Love you all…see you in a few weeks! Love, EE Sara – Greetings Everyone. It’s hard to believe it’s been … Continue reading

Vanguard: First day of camp!

Tuesday in Novgorod… It’s hard to believe that we left the United States nearly a whole week ago.  Today was our first day at the TB Children Center, and therefore our first day of hands-on ministry with the kids.  We were all so excited to finally meet the kids, start the summer camp for them, and really step into what we came half way around the world to do. As we were heading over to the center, a few of us were feeling a bit nervous–not sure how the kids would respond to us, not sure how our skits, lessons … Continue reading

Vanguard: Getting ready for camp!

Vanguard team has finished their training and sightseeing in Saint Petersburg and is off to Velikiy (Great) Novgorod to start their 2 week camp at the TB Children Center. Their days in Saint Petersburg consisted of learning about the Russian history, culture and language. Seeing the beautiful Orthodox Cathedrals and the Hermitage museum. On Sunday they went off in groups to several Orthodox churches, where they witnessed an Orthodox service and experienced first hand the ancient atmosphere of Orthodoxy, a religion which uses liturgy from the 5th century to this day! Sunday night the team was off to Novgorod! On … Continue reading