Since 2003, SunErgos International has been working in Russia, serving orphans, widows and the poor.  Over a thousand volunteers have partnered alongside SunErgos staff to minister to the fatherless and those in need.

Here are just a few of their testimonies.

“Because of SunErgos, my attitude towards ministry has changed completely. Serving alongside SunErgos was the best thing I have done to help shape my future outlook on ministry.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be God’s arms to the babies at the orphanage.”

“SunErgos is a great organization that really has a heart for the kids of Russia.”

“Overall, my experience was beyond what words can describe. The staff immediately made us feel comfortable and continually built us up with words of encouragement. I was very impressed with the poise and level head Tatiana held the entire trip despite the bumps in the road we faced. Not once did I lose confidence in her or in SunErgos staff that we would not be taken care of. It was clear that God was leading this trip the entire time”

“I hope to return to Saint Petersburg someday soon to work with orphaned children again and have no doubt that SunErgos will be the first place I look to do so. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone and everyone.”

“I allowed myself to be broken over the orphans in Russia and I have a new found love for wanting to change their situation. Before working with SunErgos, I viewed orphans and poverty through my eyes, now I view them through God’s.”

Not just the volunteers that partner with SunErgos see the impact on the children. The staff of the orphanages and children centers SunErgos partners with in Russia notice a significant change in the behavior of the children after SunErgos volunteers come along to share hope with those that are hurting.

“SunErgos makes it possible for volunteers to come inside our shelter. The impact on the kids is noticeable after a few days. The teens start helping the younger ones and giving a hand in cleaning. There is less fighting and arguing.”

“Thank you SunErgos for making our teens think! After your service team left, our boys wanted to quit smoking. We have tried to tell them before, but seeing young people living healthy lives, made an impact!”

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