Share Hope!

Be a Witness!

Due to Russia’s seventy years of communist, young hearts long for hope and something deeper.
You can be a witness to an orphan and give a light of hope in complete darkness.

Hope is like air, without it you cannot live.  But for a child living on the streets or inside an orphanage, hope is a foreign word.
Spring is in the air and summer is fast approaching. Anticipation and excitement is inside us to see what adventures this warm weather will bring.  But before summer starts, across the Atlantic Ocean, in Russia, children and teens will experience what it means to be loved and accepted unconditionally!  University teams will join us to spend part of their summer in Russia, loving and caring those who have no one.  Each student will become an older brother and sister to kids and teens that do not have any family.  The children will see a different life through the eyes of young missionaries; a life that does not involve drinking, smoking, prostitution, crime and drugs.  Teens will see a way to break the horrific cycle of their parents.  A Christ like example will be exemplified through the teams, as they share stories, do colorful crafts and fun games with the kids and teens.

Participate in changing lives!

You Can Come and Serve in Russia!

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