30 for 30

Partner with SunErgos to fight against hunger of the flesh and hunger of the soul!

Due to 70 years of spiritual darkness through communism, Russian people are hungry for the Gospel.

SunErgos serves in unity to provide warmth, food and hope to orphans, widows and the poor in Russia.

The goal of this 30 for 30 fundraiser is to fight against hunger of the flesh and of the soul. Funds will go towards providing orphans at summer camps with daily necessities and tools to grow in their faith.

SunErgos provides the basic necessities, such as clothes, shoes, food for orphans and street kids.  At the same time providing for the hunger of the soul in sharing the Gospel with the hurting and the abused.


Partner with SunErgos to fight Hunger of the Flesh and Hunger of the Soul!

Email: info@SunErgosInt.org
Email us if you want to participate and we will mail you the 30 for 30 Participant Packet that explains the event and gives you the tools to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions for Event

DONATE ONLINE towards a participant’s fast and prayer.
You MUST enter the NAME of participant you are sponsoring in the comments box at the end.