King's H.S. – Last day.

Today, we went to the transit center in the morning. Amy, Danny, Jazmine, Kierney and Lina started the day off with “The Redeemer” skit. We then split off into our groups. The teenage girls decorated journals and then decorated shirts and signed each shirt. The teenage guys did crafts and the boys at the transit center opened up and shared some of their stories. The little kids also did crafts.  All of the kids had big smiles on their faces when we gave them each some new shirts and gift bags. All of us were very sad to have to … Continue reading

King's H.S.- building friendships with the kids and teens!

Greetings, from Russia at 10:48 pm, as we finish packing all the presents for the kids. Today was amazing in the transit center! It started off with a mimed skit called “King of Hearts” showing the masks each of us wear and the ability Jesus has to take away those masks. A lot of the kids enjoyed the skit as they could identify themselves with those characters. In the teenage boys group, Randall gave his personal testimony. They all shared about their home life and talked about the future, making meaningful connections within the group. Amongst the teenage girls, a … Continue reading

Hello from King's Team!

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is tall. And when I say tall, I mean, 261 stairs tall. What a lovely view of the entire city greeted us when we finally reached the top! In the cathedral itself, we were met with the same impressive architecture that greeted Russian monarchy for centuries. A Russian Orthodox service that was going on in part of the cathedral reminded all of us how shallow religion can be when it is ritually driven and not faith driven. After Saint Isaac’s, we had lunch at Pizza Hut. Russian pizza is extremely different from American pizza and, let me … Continue reading